Participant Info

Hi there!

Are you thinking of participating? You should! The symposium is an awesome way to showcase your hard work throughout the year and get feedback on your presentation in a low-key, friendly environment. Plus, there are some pretty sick prizes.

Talk registration deadline: Friday, April 3rd, 2019
(Final title and abstracts due Friday, April 10th)
Submission of final PPT/PDF talks: Wednesday, April 15th, 2019

Poster application deadline: Friday, April 10th, 2019
(All abstracts due April 10th)



The poster session will be held during the lunch buffet and will be a great opportunity for both graduate and undergraduate students to present their research in an intimate setting. Posters presenters generally receive more direct feedback and generate more questions than talks, so be prepared to discuss your research! Posters should be no larger than 30″x42″ (height x width).

To present a poster, please meet the following deadlines:

  • For free poster printing, please register AND email a PDF of your poster to before Friday, April 10th, 5pm.
  • All students (regardless of whether you are receiving free poster printing or not) must submit their finalized title and abstract by Friday, April 10th, 5pm.

Poster tips:

  • Fewer words = easier to read!
  • You should be able to give a 2-3 minute spiel about your poster
  • You should expect ~3 judges to come to your poster, but you might not know who they are
  • You will be judged on content (innovation, creativity, originality) and communication (how well did the presenter communicate the central theme and results of your work, presenter communicates concisely and clearly, covers key points, etc.)

If you are receiving free poster printing, your poster will be available for pick up on the day of the event at the poster session check-in. Please arrive half an hour before the poster session to set up your poster. 



Talks (held in RAMY N240) should be either 12 or 3 minutes long, with < 3 and < 2 minutes (respectively) for questions. These talks are a great opportunity to share new research results, research ideas for the future, and science outreach projects that you are working on.

Graduate and undergraduate (especially Honors) students are encouraged to participate!

To give a talk, please meet the following deadlines:

  • Register for the symposium and submit an abstract and title (if ready) online by 5pm on April 3rd
  • Submit your final abstract and title of your talk via email by 5pm on April 10th
  • Email a PDF and PPT version of your presentation by 5pm on April 15th

Please send all abstracts and presentations to, and put “LASTNAME, FIRSTNAME, 12- or 3-minute talk” in subject line.


Thanks for participating and looking forward to seeing you!